Podiatry Diabetes

Podiatry Care Residents With Diabetes

Podiatry care for individuals with diabetes is one of the most overlooked aspects of diabetes management. Higher levels of blood glucose can damage the nerve endings in many areas of the body and organs, which is why blood glucose control is an essential aspect of diabetes care.

The percentage of nursing home residents expected to have diabetes is depending, in part, on the age, race, gender and ethnicity of the residents. For instance, women are more likely to have diabetes than men and they constitute on average 70% of all residents of nursing homes. Native Americans are twice as likely as Caucasians to have diabetes. Hispanics and African Americans have higher incidents of diabetes than Caucasians. The national average of residents of nursing homes having diabetes is between 25% and 35%. Diabetics commonly have nerve damage, circulations problems and infections that lead to serious foot problems.

The common signs and symptoms of foot problems are the following early warning signs: burning, tingling and painful feet, loss of sensation to heat, cold or touch, changes to the color or shape of the resident’s feet, loss of hair on toes, feet and lower legs, thickening and yellowing of the toenails, onset of red spots, blisters, sores, ulcers, infected corns or ingrown toenails.

The complication of the lack of care and treatment of diabetes can lead to infection and poor circulation making healing an infection difficult. Infections that do not heal can cause the skin and tissue to die and turn black; this is called gangrene. Treatment can involve surgery to amputate a toe, foot or part of a leg.

Podiatrists are one of the most crucial professionals within diabetes care and have an undervalued role to play in averting and managing foot complications amongst people with diabetes.

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