Who We Are

Common questions that we’re proud we can answer “YES” to!
Do you have a 100% perfect ethical and legal record?
Are you in good standing with all relevant governmental agencies?

Have you been involved with the providing care, along with your related companies and/or their executives, for PACE/LIFE participants and nursing home residents for a long time? (We have had approximately 500,000 individual patient visits that have occurred since 1997 in multiple states)”

Are all Providers fully licensed and in good standing with the appropriate state agency?

Do all the dental, audiology, vision and podiatry providers and their staff, who go into the nursing homes and PACE/LIFE facilities, have verified perfect background checks?

Do the Providers, who go into the nursing home or PACE/LIFE facility, only provide the care which the Provider believes is appropriate to the participant’s overall physical and mental condition?

Do the Providers provide care to nonverbal participants?

Do the Providers take care of emergencies?

Are the Providers experienced in providing care to the participants?

Are the Providers and their staff always professional and compassionate?

Do all infection control methods meet or exceed all government standards?

Is all the equipment state-of-the-art and portable? 

Is all follow up care needed tracked and re-scheduled?

Is all care coordinated with the staff of the nursing home or PACE/LIFE facility?

Do you have many endorsements from PACE/LIFE facilities and nursing home administrators and other staff?